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Award of Merit
Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World
A. J. Swoboda (Brazos)

Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World

著者のスヴォボダは、神の創造のクライマックスが人類の創造ではなく休息であったことを読者に想い起こさせる。本書は聖書に基づいて書かれているが、歴史や健康、共同体の分野からの観察もあわせ持っている。スヴォボダは良い医者のように私たちの忙しさの原因を突き止め、長期間のテストで保証済みの解決策を読者に提供する。安息日が守られる世界においては、繁栄は標準的な生産に置き換わり、スケジュールも完全性と正義の恵みにあずかるだろう。──サンドラ・グラーン(ダラス神学校メディアアーツと礼拝学科教授。Vindicatin the Vixens編集者)

“In an iWorld that measures individual productivity down to the single step, Swoboda reminds readers that the climax of God’s creation was not humanity but rest. Subversive Sabbath is grounded in Scripture but includes observations from the realms of history, health, and community. Like a good physician, Swoboda diagnoses our busyness and offers readers a time-tested cure with equal parts theory and practice. In a Sabbath-kept world, flourishing replaces production as the standard, and one’s very schedule has the trickle-down effect of wholeness and justice.” —Sandra Glahn, professor in the Media Arts and Worship department at Dallas Theological Seminary, editor of Vindicating the Vixens


“In our 24/7 world, addicted to busyness, where metrics of work and production supposedly define our worth and identity, Swoboda’s book is more than a breath of fresh air. It’s the breath of the Spirit. The Spirit of the Sabbath that bids us find rest in the all-sufficient work of God in Christ. The Spirit that liberates us from the narcotic of busyness, bringing the sober peace of joy in the abiding presence of God and his gifts. This book is both theological and practical, wooing us back to the gift of the Sabbath and demonstrating how that looks in the life of a believer today. This work is a godsend to the bedraggled and a come-back-home call to the over-worked and under-rested church.” —Chad Bird, writer and speaker, author of Your God Is Too Glorious


“Swoboda writes in a nurturing way, employing practical applications and beautiful illustrations. His book is theological, holistic, pragmatic, and doxological. I have read several books on Sabbath, and this is the best.” —Allen Yeh, professor of missiology, Biola University




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